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5 Tips to a Healthier You in 2018

By January 29, 2018February 2nd, 2023Healthy Living, Organic Food

At Thai Street Kitchen we not only care about serving our customers a great, nutritious, all-natural Thai meal but also, we strive to educate, inspire, and encourage our customers to live healthy lives.

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Today, we are sharing “5 Tips to a Healthier You in 2018”.

5 Tips to a Healthier You in 2018

At Thai Street Kitchen we not only care about serving our customers a great, nutritious, all-natural Thai meal but also, we strive to educate, inspire, and encourage our customers to live healthy lives.

Choose Organic 1 – organic foods are produced without the use of harmful chemicals, are free of GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms), and the use of antibiotics are prohibited.

  • Organic foods are produced in a sustainable fashion thus, producing a healthier final product higher in antioxidants.
  • Organic farming practices are good for the environment, the farmer, and you.

In a Harvard School of Public Health news release, Grandjean said, “In conventional food, there are pesticide residues that remain in the food even after it’s washed. Organic foods are produced virtually without pesticides.” 2

Eat Fat – fat consumption from naturally occurring substances (plant and animal) in moderation is key to maintaining optimal health.

Check out the video below from Dr. Hyman. Unlock the myths and misconceptions of consuming fat.

  • Learn how consuming the right fats can actually make you leaner, healthier, and more vibrant.

Stay Hydrated- Did you know? “Your body contains about 11 gallons of water: Your blood is 85 percent water; your muscles 80 percent; your brain 75 percent and your bones are 25 percent water, which illustrates the importance water plays in your health.”3

  • There is no doubt drinking pure, clean water is essential to your over all health.
  • Headaches, fatigue, and even hunger can all be signs you may need more water.

Exercise – In The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan Dr. David Perlmutter identifies a basic exercise program you can follow to help build a better body.

Grain Brain Whole Life Plan Exercises – Introduction

Supplements and Herbs – Can you get all your nutrients from the foods you eat?

“Doctors used to think you got all your vitamins and minerals from food. Any extra nutrients were excreted, or worse, became toxic. But the tide is shifting.” (READ MORE)

At Thai Street Kitchen we like to keep it real. Real food leading to real health results!

Thai Street Kitchen uses only all-natural antibiotic free and cage-free chicken, beef with no added hormones or antibiotics, and organic non-GMO tofu. We use only the highest quality ingredients from local purveyors.

Thai Street Kitchen is an epic combination of the best of Michigan with the best of Thailand all rolled into one!

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