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Benefits of Eating Organic – Is Eating Organic Food Really Better for You?

By November 30, 2017January 13th, 2018Organic Food

The organic food industry is a growing $35 billion dollar industry and accounts for over 4% of the total U.S. food sales.  According to the Nutrition Business Journal

So, we at Thai Street Kitchen ask you the consumer; “is eating organic versus conventional food really better for you?”

Well, the answer is likely that of a mixed bag. At this present time there is little scientific research being conducted on the true benefits of solely eating an organic versus conventional food diet.

The lack of scientific research is a funding issue more than anything. A bulk of the funding for such conducted scientific research is provided by the government food industry. And, the FDA /USDA repeatedly has made mention that non-organic food is as healthy as its alternative organic counterparts.

So, why research?

Is Eating Organic Food Really Better for You?

We at Thai Street Kitchen will let you decide for yourself.

Despite the lack of research it has been found that; “consumers prefer organically produced food because of their concerns regarding health, the environment, and animal welfare, and the show a willingness to pay the price premiums established in the marketplace.” According to a recent USDA Economic Research Survey

Consumers, manufacturers, and organic farmers strongly believe that consuming organic food has the following benefits.

Benefits of Eat Organic Verse Conventional

Organic produce contains fewer pesticides – herbicides, petroleum based fertilizers, sewer sludge, fungicides, and potent insecticides are widely used in conventional agriculture practices. As a result of conventional practices such residues have been found to remain on the foods consumed and purchased.  

Organic food has been found to be fresher – organic foods are typically produced by smaller nearby farms (but, not always) and lack many of the added preservatives that make foods last longer.

Organic farming is better for the environment – organic farming practices have been found to increase soil fertility, use less energy, and conserve water. Some environmentally friendly practices include the use of rain barrel and/or aquaponic gardening systems, mulch gardening, and hand weeding.

Organic livestock are raised humanely without the use of antibiotics, growth hormones, or fed animal-by products – organically raised animals are typically given room to roam freely in the outdoors. The use of antibiotics’ in livestock has been found to increase antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria in both humans (via consumption) and animals.

Organic meat and milk products prove to be richer in some nutrients – research has shown that organic milk is naturally higher in omega 3-fatty acids, has more antioxidants, and more vitamins than regular milk.

It may also surprise you to find out that many conventional modern day dairies use different chemicals to aid in milk production. These include chemicals and fertilizers for increased production of fodder feed. The use of added hormones and antibiotics have also been used to increase milk production.

Organic food is GMO-Free – genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are genetically engineered foods and or plants whose DNA has been altered in such a way that it is not naturally occurring in nature. It has also been proven that most genetically engineered foods are increasingly becoming resistant to many of the once commonly used insecticides and fertilizers.

Thus, our once conventionally grown foods are increasingly becoming heavily chemically laden residue experiments.

So, is conventional or organic food better for you? You decide!

Our TSK promise to you – we at Thai Street Kitchen use only all-natural antibiotic free and cage-free chicken, beef with no added hormones or antibiotics, organic non-GMO tofu, and the highest quality ingredients from local purveyors. We have fused the best of Michigan with the best of Thailand.  

And you are in for a Real Health Treat.

Hungry for more Organic versus Conventional?

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Did you know? “Choosing organic foods lowers your exposure to pesticides linked to cancer, damage to children’s IQ and neurobehavioral development and other health problems.” ~Dr. Mercola

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